How To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

Miami Eyelashes Services Thank you for visiting a Certified Stylist!.  We hope you are loving your new  extensions!  Please review the information below to keep your lashes looking beautiful. 

Pre-Care Instructions

To maximize the longevity of the eyelash extension and the amount of eyelash extension application time, please try to come with no eye makeup on and with your eyes and lashes thoroughly cleansed you will have avoided wearing waterproof mascara at least 2 days prior to your appointment. Once you are wearing lash extensions you are strongly cautioned not to wear mascara because the oils in mascara will break down the adhesive bond. 

If you wear contacts, we recommend that you please wear glasses to your appointment. Contacts must be removed during eyelash extension application.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Information

The natural eyelash cycle is approximately four to twelve weeks.  Do not be alarmed if some of your lashes fall out quickly (they most likely were at the end of their cycle).  The majority of extensions will stay through a complete cycle if you follow these guidelines:

  • Your natural eyelashes should not get wet for a minimum of 48 hours would be ideal to allow the adhesive properly to bond to a dry eyelash (soggy eyelashes do not make for a good adhesion).  A dry washcloth can be rolled up and placed over your brows when you shower to protect your extensions from becoming totally saturated.

  • Clean your eyelashes every evening when you take your make-Up off. Mix Johnson's® Baby Shampoo (yellow color) 1/4 part with distilled water in a small spray bottle then spray your eyes 6-7 times each eye and use soft eye-shadow brush or any soft brush and brush your eyelashes from the base to the tip repeat three times every eye, after rinse thoroughly with distilled water only and air dried or use hair dryer (cold mode and low speed).
    The first wash is 48 hours after that you did your eyelashes extensions. This step is important because the body natural oil affect the bonds by break down the glue and cause the lashes to come up. Don't worry if you lose one or two lashes remember that we lose between one or five natural lashes every single day.
  • Do not use regular or waterproof mascara.  Most brands of mascara contain chemical properties and oils that will break down the adhesive.  Removing mascara from your lashes can cause the extensions to fall off prematurely as well.  Use of mascara will break the bond of your eyelash extension adhesive. 
  • Take special care around the eye area when cleansing your face. Gently cleanse the eye area and do not scrub or rug your eyes.  Avoid any type of oil-based product around the eyes.  Again, the oils will break down the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off.  

  • Never use a clamp-style eyelash curler on your extensions.  This can permanently damage not only the extensions, but your natural eyelashes as well.  Eyelash combs are great for grooming your lashes every morning.

  • Adhesives are cured, however, by avoiding extreme variation of heat, humidity, and cold weather (hot showers, saunas, zero degree weather), your extensions can last longer.  Normal activities like swimming, can resume after 48 hours.

  • Be sure to schedule an appointment every 2 to 4 weeks for timely touch-ups.  This will keep your lashes looking full and natural, indefinitely. Normally we lose 1-5 lashes per day – so let's average this at 3 per day. So look at the following:

In 1 week you will lose 7-21 lashes

2 week you will lose 14-42 lashes

3 weeks you will lose 21-63 lashes

Understanding our bodies are constantly regenerating and growing; each extension is placed on an individual natural eyelash hair to allow for this process to continue. Remember Hair Growth Cycle:

  • Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself.  Have them removed by your professional Stylist.

  • It may take a day or two to adapt to the weight & length of the extensions. If you notice any sensitivity or reaction to them please contact us immediately.

  • Remember to keep hands away from lashes while they set.

  • Sleeping on your face will be the demise of your lashes. When you have lash extensions it is advised you sleep on your back, or side (when using a lash pillow). Sleeping on your face, your lashes can get stuck to the cotton in your pillow case, you will smash them and usually you don't stay in one place while you sleep. You are likely rubbing your face, turning it side to side, and smothering your lashes into the pillow. This will create your lashes to be compromised and fall out, break, and just be ruined! If you are a pillow smother, lash at your own risk!  sleep like a princess!

  • Contact your Eyelash Stylist with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your new lashes! 754-234-9754 Sandra Sanchez, Miami, Florida