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Microblading and shading is a commonly used cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of your natural eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent form of tattoo that creates fullness and definition to your own brow line. You can have the procedures done separately, but both of them done together creates a perfectly shaped and full natural looking brow.

Tattoo strokes that look like fine hair are used to fill in any gaps in the natural eyebrow and to create a defined arch. The mircoblading is then followed by shading to fill in behind the tattoo strokes to create an eyebrow that always looks full and well groomed.

A full, dark and symmetrical eyebrow gives a youthful appearance and uplifts the facial features. You can have custom designed brows when using this cosmetic procedure. Tell the technician if you want the latest eyebrow trend or something more unique so the outcome will be as you like. The results of microblading and shading will last between 1-3 years (touch-ups may be needed). No worries about makeup smudging or running during those years because microblading and shading will not rub or wash off during swimming, bathing, exercising or any other activity.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading Prepare & Aftercare

Basic steps in the procedure of Microblading


MicroblandingMicroblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique that creates hair like strokes to fill in space or thinning brows, if you're not satisfied with the eyebrows you have, there are so many ways to update them, including brow gel, pencils, and even tattooing. The practice aims to give you an effortless full brow, eyebrows are arguably the most important facial feature. The truth is, eyebrows are not created equally. Some eyebrows require little effort to look perfect while others require the help of a small miracle just to get by. Even though naturally perfect eyebrows are few and far between, eyebrow microblading makes it possible to transform any brows into the closest thing to naturally perfect as possible. Of course, this sounds great!

It’s always the small details make a big difference, in order for your new brows to heal properly follow all these Prepare & After Care Instructions found below. 

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Microblading Prepare Care

Prepare Care instructions are designed to limit bleeding and skin sensitivities during the procedure. Excessing bleeding during the procedure cannot permit to adhere the pigment color and you will have unwanted results. 

  • The skin must be free of all irritations including ingrown hairs, blemishes, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Do not use anti-acne or anti-aging products on the skin for 30-days prior to application.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine 24-hours before application.
  • Do not work out 24 hours before the procedure.
  • No intentional tanning 4-weeks prior to application.
  • If you get a sunburn on your face, you must allow at least 4-weeks for it to heal.
  • Do not take Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Niacin, or Ibuprofen 48 hours before the procedure.
  • Avoid Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Prenatal Vitamins, Nutritional Shakes "Hair, Skin, Nail" supplements 48 hours prior to the procedure. (Most products have natural blood thinners).

Most often, you are told no to shave or pluck anything before coming in to have the procedure done. It will be determined which hairs to keep and which need to be removed after the shape of the eyebrow is decided upon. To begin the actual process, the professional technician will start with a sketch that compliments your eyes and the entire shape of your face. This sketching process is checked and gone over several times to make sure it is the exact look you want. Whatever natural hair you have will be left within the area of the new shape of your eyebrows. Finally, the color is chosen. When using the hair stroke method, multiple colors are usually used together. A combination of color gives the most natural look. Initial strokes are placed, then anesthetic is applied to reduce any discomfort.