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Hair by Hair & Shading Eyebrows is a commonly used cosmetic procedure that enhances the appearance of your natural eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent form of tattoo that creates fullness and definition to your own brow line. You can have the procedures done separately, but both of them done together creates a perfectly shaped and full natural looking brow.

Tattoo strokes that look like fine hair are used to fill in any gaps in the natural eyebrow and to create a defined arch. The mircoblading is then followed by shading to fill in behind the tattoo strokes to create an eyebrow that always looks full and well groomed.

A full, dark and symmetrical eyebrow gives a youthful appearance and uplifts the facial features. You can have custom designed brows when using this cosmetic procedure. Tell the technician if you want the latest eyebrow trend or something more unique so the outcome will be as you like. The results of microblading and shading will last between 1-3 years (touch-ups may be needed). No worries about makeup smudging or running during those years because microblading and shading will not rub or wash off during swimming, bathing, exercising or any other activity.