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Kalos Spa Center


Permanent Make up Eyebrows and Microblanding

Eyebrows are important and very characteristic part of the face. If Your eyebrows have unsuccessful shape and unclear line – that is when the eyebrow permanent is just a solution for You! Individual hairs are precisely layered on the skin, creating a completely natural look. Brows can be reshaped, darkened or thickened. They can even be created entirely , where there was previously no hair at all. Imagine having perfect semi permanent eyebrows and never having to spend time applying makeup.


Permanent Make up Eyeliner

Eyeliner enhances definition, creating a show-stopping frame for your eyes. our technology applies eyeliner on your natural lash line, in between your individual lashes, on both upper & lower lashes. Finally, a 100% smudge-free lash line! With the help of eyeliner one can make any effect ever desired with the sticking to some specific thin of the line, length, with choosing the correct color and appropriate line intensity.


Permanent Make up Lips

That is the great opportunity to correct the lips shape or the lips color. Different solutions are possible: from the natural looking lips to fully pigment saturated lips surface. Imagine having fuller, more vibrant and younger looking lips without having to apply lipstick. Your lip shape will be designed, custom colors blended. our pigment is applied both to the liner and then completely shaded for a stunningly natural look.


Permanent Make up Correction

After much demand, we have developed a safe technique to remove, repair, correct and redo most past brow as well as other past permanent makeup procedures that were done in a traditional permanent makeup method, previous Microblading procedures or simply lack of skill of the technician.