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Kalos Spa Center


A number of treatments are normally required to obtain the best possible results. After the treatment course is finished the skin will require a period of time to recover.

This procedure utilizes an extraction mechanism attempt to remove tattoo and PMU pigment from the skin. 

Are there other methods of tattoo and PMU removal? There are several medical and aesthetic options for removing tattoo and PMUs these include surgery, laser and chemical treatments, you should research all available options before you decide which method you wish to use to attempt to remove your unwanted tattoo and PMU and.

This Procedure will not be used around the eyes or lips nor on any moist area of the body & all tattoo and PMU that have been previously treated with laser. 

How many procedures will I need? After an initial consultation and assessing the suitability of the Procedure for your individual tattoo and PMU removal attempt, the first procedure is carried out on the tattoo and PMU. Once the scab has fallen off the area (usually after 3-5 weeks) then the remaining tattoo and PMU can be treated with Rejuvi Tattoo and PMU Remover. The procedure then may need to be repeated several times to remove the tattoo and PMU. 

Will this procedure remove my entire unwanted tattoo and PMU? As with all Tattoo and PMU removal processes the finished result will vary from person to person for this reason there are no guarantees that this process will remove your unwanted tattoo and PMU. Clients must rely solely upon their own judgement as to whether to commence or continue with procedures in an attempt to remove their tattoo and PMU. 

How long must I wait between Tattoo and PMU Removal Procedures?

The skin has to heal between procedures, which usually takes 1 – 3 months.  

Can I have another tattoo and PMU done over the area where the previous tattoo and PMU was? You must wait for the area to completely heal at least 3 – 6 months before you attempt to have a new tattoo and PMU applied.  

Is it painful to have a tattoo and PMU removed using the Tattoo and PMU Removal Procedure? We use micro pigmentation equipment in the tattoo and PMU removal process & due to the technique used the procedure may be uncomfortable but usually not painful.  We also provide numbing cream which you apply up to one hour before treatment for additional price.  

What about sterility? We uses single use sterile disposable needles and wherever possible single use sterile disposable medical supplies in all procedures. Needles are NEVER reused.