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Green tea

For its rich concentration of flavonoids and antioxidants, green tea repairs and cleans deeply any remain protein of eyelashes and eyes, favoring they growth. Apply with a cotton ball or let cold tea bags rest over the eyelids. Besides relax and refresh the eye area, green tea absorbs impurities makeup and hair products that are caught in the eyelashes.

Olive oil

The extra virgin olive oil or argan oil is used as treatment during the night. You must distribute the oil over the eyelashes with a clean eyebrows brush and let it conditioner and strengthening ingredients work the whole night; the next morning remove oil excess with a cleansing lotion to avoid infection. Both oils are known for their shining and regenerative properties, especially in sensitive areas.

Oils Blend

Mix Vitamin E, almond oil and coconut oil, in a clean cup, mix 5 ml. (Equivalent to 1 tablespoon) of each ingredient with a good clean glass stirrer; apply the mix to the root along the eye with a clean and dry brush. Do this every night before bedtime, the next morning clean eyelashes with makeup remover.

Castor oil

Add five drops of castor oil in your eyeliner tube, shake well for five minutes, put it in the freezer for 24 hours and, then place the tube of mascara in the sun all morning and you will get a nourished mask for eyelashes since castor oil has more viscous consistency than other oils, and therefore helps to moisten and lighten your mascara, making it less aggressive

Eyelashes Exfoliation

The eyes and eyelashes area also requires exfoliation, deep cleansing, hydration and moisturizing; all this can be achieved by mixing one tablespoon aloe natural, a tablespoon of chamomile boiled wort (open a prepared tea bag), a tablespoon of cucumber pulp, and mix well. Apply in the area with very gentle circular motion, rest a minute and rinse with cold water.


Remember that the natural origin of these treatments does not make safe products; 24 before applying any of these substances in the eye area, spread a small amount on your wrist, to exclude any type of allergic reaction.

All treatments should be applied without makeup, clean and without contact lenses. Base oil treatments should be applied only at night and clean completely the eye with makeup remover in the morning before bathing.  Castor oil, almonds and vitamins, they must indicate that they are cosmetic grade, not industrial grade, that will ensure their purity and skin compatibility.

If you are consistent with these treatments, you will see results within a maximum period of three months, during which time it is remarkable the growth of eyelashes, a full repair and a darker color on your lashes.


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