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Whether for a special occasion or to simplify one’s routine, lash extensions are now the beauty industry’s leading semi-permanent way to enhance one’s natural beauty without breaking the bank.  However, with every beauty service booked there should be an amount of research done to ensure your experience goes smoothly.  We've dispelled a few common myths so you can go forth and achieve the long luscious lashes you have always desired!

Eyelash Extensions Myth 1: Lash Extensions are ALWAYS Harmful to Your Own Natural Lashes

This is the most common myth and one that can be true but for a specific reason.  A correct application will never result in lash fallout; more often it’s an issue with an inexperienced lash technician. This is usually the result of a technician pairing a single extension with 3 to 4 of your natural lashes, causing clumping and lash fallout.  An experienced technician will glue one extension with one natural lash.

It’s also important to remember that your natural lashes grow in thirty to sixty day cycles and are prone to fallout at the end of this cycle, so the timing can also be coincidence.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 2: You Can Apply Lash Extensions Yourself

In theory this sounds like an option, but is not recommended as the results may not be great. It takes a very steady hand, and a great deal of patience. The use of semi-permanent glue can be a very messy endeavor when trying to apply on oneself.  Also, with any beauty service this is a time for you to feel taken care of and pampered, and let’s face it how often do most of us take time for ourselves?  Lie back, relax and let an experienced professional take care of your lashes!

Eyelash Extensions Myth 3: Lash Extensions Don’t Hold Up Well in Hot or Humid Climates

Hot and humid weather conditions actually provide the body with natural oils and nutrients that allow our lashes to hold up much better. It’s in these types of climates that lash extensions can actually simplify your beauty routine. This climate can make it un-necessary to add products such as eyeliner and mascara which tend to run and smudge in hot and humid environments. The most common request for lash extensions happens when women are planning a vacation of some sort where they will require less makeup but still want to look polished and put together with minimum fuss.  Heat and humidity are not the enemy of lash extensions!

Eyelash Extensions Myth 4: Eyelash Extensions Hurt

If they aren’t applied properly by an experienced technician eyelash extensions can be uncomfortable.  When applied properly you shouldn't feel them at all.  If you feel any pain at all you should head right back into the spa and salon.  The most common cause for any irritation is that one or more of your natural lashes is stuck together with the lash extension causing a pinching sensation. In a proper application each lash should be visible from root to tip with no visible glue present. If you have more than a slight pinching sensation this may mean that large clumps of your natural lashes have been glued together with the extensions, a very painful experience! If this is the case, don’t go back to the same salon for a removal or fix. Seek out another more reputable salon/spa with a more experienced technician; the last thing you want at that point is to lose any of your natural lashes during a removal.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 5: They Take Forever To Be Applied

This depends solely on how experienced your tech is.  A technician just starting out is going to take longer, giving you the impression of a never ending appointment. . An experienced tech will be able to do a full set or a fill in an hour to an hour and a half.  It also depends on whether or not you’re having a fill or a full set, as well as how much fullness you’re adding to your lash line, adding fifty percent more fullness to your natural lash line will require a bit more time, whereas adding only 20-40% more will require much less.

Eyelash Extensions Myth 5: Infinite Lash Eyelash Serum Can’t Be Used While Wearing False Lashes

If you want to make sure your natural lashes are being properly nourished while you are wearing your eyelash extensions, then Infinite Lash serum to try. Infinite Lash’s revolutionary formula is infused with a blend of vitamins, minerals, polypeptides, and botanicals to nourish and rejuvenate your natural lashes. It also contains natural antioxidants that protect against dryness and damage. Just apply to the lash line as you would do when you’re not wearing eyelash extensions.  Infinite Lash will not cause damage to your eyelash extensions.

A woman’s eyes will always be her best accessory. So when you’re thinking of investing in lash extensions, word of mouth and client reviews are the best bet. Do your research and look into which salons and spas in your area offer semi-permanent eye lash extensions. Ask for the numbers of years of experience of the technicians. Ask your girlfriends, neighbors, and co-workers if they have had this service and if they have a good recommendation.  When booking an appointment, ask how long your lash tech has been applying extensions, this has a lot to do with whether or not you have a good or not so good experience.  Just make sure your lash technician is experienced and you have heard some good reviews, once applied. If you have any comfort issues be sure to inform your technician while you’re there. A good tech will want you to leave excited and happy with your service, that way you tell all your friends!


Did you know that only about 24% of your eyelashes ever reach full length? That’s because your lashes will sustain damage from curling, cleansing, wearing makeup and encountering environmental elements over time.


Contact your Eyelash Stylist with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your new lashes! 754-234-9754 Sandra Sanchez, Miami, Florida